Diaphragm Walls

A diaphragm wall is a reinforced concrete wall that is used to support the deep excavations in large infrastructure projects. The walls are constructed in panels of length approximately 5m each. The excavation is carried out with the help of a hydraulic grab followed by the lowering of the cage. The stability of the excavated trench is maintained by polymer or bentonite.

Purpose / Necessity of Diaphragm Walls:

  • Commonly used in congested urban areas for deep excavations
  • Can be constructed in the close of the proximity of existing structures
  • In Top-Down Constructions where Diaphragm walls can become part of the structure for underground parking facilities.
  • In the cut – a cover method for tunnel construction.
  • Designable to carry vertical loads
  • Less noise and vibration during installation

INDIANA BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE has successfully constructed projects from 400 mm – 1000 mm thickness upto 30 m depth.

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