Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors are cast-in-situ elements consisting of steel tendon (i.e. strands) that are embedded in the ground which maintains the stability of diaphragm walls.

The anchors are prepared from Low Relaxation Steel Strands which are inserted in-ground and then grouted with cement grouts.

Components of Ground Anchor

  • Free Length: The main purpose of free length is to elongate under prestressing load without any hindrance.
  • Fixed Length: The designed length that is capable of transmitting forces to the ground.

Purpose / Necessity of Ground Anchors

  • Support retaining structures in the deep excavation.
  • Carrying out deep excavation in urban areas adjoining to existing structures.
  • Reducing the depth of diaphragm walls.
  • Provide lateral support to tunnel walls in cut-and-cover excavations.
  • Stabilize foundation slabs subjected to uplift due to the water table.
  • Pre-consolidate unstable soils to increase their bearing capacity.