Marine Constructions

Over the period spanning over more than a decade, we have been occupied with the construction of marine structures along the coast from Kandala to Vizag facing the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal covering part of Porbunder, Chanch (Near Pipavav) Bhavnagar, Daman, Mandwa, Goa and Vizag. Each of the work, either Coast Guard Jetty or Passenger Jetty as it involves entering into Sea where the fury of Sea waves and winds are to be faced between High and Low Tide conditions.

Every marine structure is unique by its location and external hostile conditions, and the construction problems required to be freed could not be standardized, because of the effective mode of operations to carry out various activities for foundations, setting up of off-shore platform and traversing through various varied compositions etc calls for tremendous insight and intuition on the part of construction superintendent, otherwise, the tailor-made specialized type of equipment/gantries would not be functional as required.

Keeping the above factors on the highest priority, we have, over the period prepared a strong team of construction experts who have been provided with an opportunity to fortify themselves with simple principles of mechanics and hydraulics including fabrication of structural outfit, especially required.

All these qualities and capabilities of INDIANA FAMILY have been put to hard tests and trials during the construction period of each of the said unique construction features besides conventional work in the following works carried out by us.

Landmark Projects