Pile Foundations

Pile foundations are used where the top soil is either loose/soft or of the swelling type and the load from the structure has to be transferred to deeper strata.

A pile is a long slender column either driven, bored, or cast-in-situ. Bored Piles are generally cast by excavating the material with the help of hydraulic rigs. The stability of the borehole is maintained by bentonite either with the Direct Mud Circulation method ( DMC ) or Reverse Mud Circulation ( RMC ) method.

A Secant Pile Wall is a retaining wall constructed for ground retention for top-down construction The wall is formed by constructing alternating primary and secondary piles where the secondary piles partially cut into either side of the primary piles in order to form a continuous impervious structure.

We are specialized in providing

1. Pile Foundations
➥ Bored Pile using DMC / RMC method up to 1800 mm dia.
➥ Soldier pile
➥ Secant Pile
➥ Micro Pile
➥ Pre-cast Pre-bored Pile

2. Pile Testing
➥ Static Load Test
➥ Dynamic Load Test
➥ Pile Integrity Test

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